The Q2 2013 Report has arrived!

Here it is.  The way back machine of 2005. or Q2 2013. … [Read more...]

Under 130

Like a flyweight. Hoboken condos hit 127 available today. Will it be under 100 by the end of the year? My November Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available. … [Read more...]

The new mortgage program re: Hoboken Condos

Hey Hobokenites.  If your Hoboken Condo is underwater and you have been stuck without a refi play, the new Obama plan MAY be for you.  My mortgage sources are taking a wait and see approach.  As with any government program that is not a tax break or rebate, a muddle man has to get involved.  Do you think Bank Of America wants to lower your rate on … [Read more...]

Hoboken Mortgage Rates

Ok all of you "what's today's rate?" fans.. here it is the Hoboken mortgage rates from Inside Hoboken Real Estate's special mortgage rate getter. www.mundymortgages.comREVISED November 24th, 2009---- 4:00 PM ETLock Period = 45 DaysCONVENTIONAL CONFORMING LOANS (loans less than or equal to $417,000)30 YEAR FIXED ---------------------------- 4.875%, … [Read more...]

Hoboken Homeowners: Are You Being Sued?

Ever feel like you're being dumped on? Well if you're a Hoboken Condo owner that's trying to sell and your condo association is in are. A double whammy of sorts. Not only is there a messy little piece of business to be settled (buyers like clean and neat) now Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and those guys over at FHA are running for the … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Rules| Hoboken

Buyers & Sellers: A must read. Most of Hoboken's real estate is in a flood plain!Fannie Mae and HFA loans are now requiring more flood insurance than before. Is the Hoboken Condo that you are selling or buying covered? Don't find out a week before the close. Here's the new deal...The building's insurance must have either $250k of coverage per … [Read more...]

Cost vs. Price

Buyers are always focused on Price. What's the price? How much can I negotiate? The market is going to fall another 2 %, 5%, 7%, 10%..... On and on and on.....No one wants to over pay.Here is the truth. Focus on the cost to own. It's like when you buy a car. You focus on repair costs, mpg, etc. Not sticker price alone.IF PRICES FALL 10% and … [Read more...]

Mayor Today. Gone Tomorrow.

The word from Old Hoboken....Camarrano Lives. Only time will tell. In the chance that things don't go his way...It will be tough to sell that brownstone. According to the second quarter real estate report, They just aren't selling.A good article on the market. … [Read more...]

My PAC Dollars At Work…

Press Release from New Jersey Association Of RealtorsNJAR® Protects Property Tax Deduction for MostYesterday, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and Assembly Budget Committee voted to approve the $29 billion fiscal year (FY) 2010 New Jersey budget. The latest spending plan, which is set for a final vote by the Legislature on June 25, … [Read more...]

No Parking. Blame A Realtor.

A realtor friend of mine has an interesting theory. The availability of meter parking south of 4th street is determined by the number of realtors working that day. My friend uses the parking results to extrapolate on the market as a whole. Of course some realtors work from home. Some keep odd hours. But when you arrive at 10am Monday and there's … [Read more...]