2014 Year In Review

Check out my 2014 Yearly Report. … [Read more...]

2014 Sales

Check out my 2014 Sales. … [Read more...]


Check out my 2013 Hoboken Real Estate Report.  Prices are up 12.5%, Volume up 33%. … [Read more...]

Under 130

Like a flyweight. Hoboken condos hit 127 available today. Will it be under 100 by the end of the year? My November Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available. … [Read more...]

Hidden Buyer Fees: Thanks Uncle Sam

Hidden Buyer Fees: Thanks Uncle Sam Better get that Hoboken Condo closed fast.  Yes. that goes for the Jersey City condo buyers too.  Obama and the sycophant politicians in Washington can always agree on one thing.  Save their own bacon while kicking the taxpayers in the shorts.   Here's a great article about how they are doing it this … [Read more...]

Hoboken Condo Inventory February 8th

Hoboken Condo Inventory February Now that I've returned from the burn unit at Hoboken Hospital lets talk Absorption Rate. One bedroom condos: 3.5 months Two bedroom condos: 4.6months Three bedroom condos 2.4 months  Not a misprint! Call 911 this town is on fire. The new January 2012 Hoboken Real Estate Report update is now … [Read more...]

Hoboken Condos: Better Than Gold

  Hoboken Condos: Better Than Gold While I have a friend that wants a toilet seat made out of gold (but it isn't in the cards), Midas has nothing own Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner. 80% of those homeowners plan to buy another. I am hoping it is a bigger condo in Hoboken but I will settle for a brownstone too.  Forget the 401k that  is now a … [Read more...]

Hoboken Homeowners: Are You Being Sued?

Ever feel like you're being dumped on? Well if you're a Hoboken Condo owner that's trying to sell and your condo association is in litigation...you are. A double whammy of sorts. Not only is there a messy little piece of business to be settled (buyers like clean and neat) now Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and those guys over at FHA are running for the … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Rules| Hoboken

Buyers & Sellers: A must read. Most of Hoboken's real estate is in a flood plain!Fannie Mae and HFA loans are now requiring more flood insurance than before. Is the Hoboken Condo that you are selling or buying covered? Don't find out a week before the close. Here's the new deal...The building's insurance must have either $250k of coverage per … [Read more...]

The New Mayor. A Double Edged Sword.

Congratulations to new mayor Dawn Zimmer. Wondering if property owners voted for her? On one hand more parks and bike lanes mean less development. This means growth of supply of homes is restricted. Fewer new homes means buyers have to buy existing homes... Prices should go up. Now how to pay for those parks? Higher taxes. (Not saying the new mayor … [Read more...]