Will The Weather: Bring The Hoboken Spring Market?

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The Hoboken Spring Market

Temperatures are supposed to be in the 70s this weekend! I for one am heading out to look at property. Probably the open houses I am holding and some that my clients want to see. Even if I weren’t “in the business” I’d be out there getting some air between stops at overpriced condos.

Of course they are overpriced. How many condos in today’s market get full price or more. Ok, there is one realtor who makes a big time living pricing the property so low that they sell for over ask. Check out the hoboken open house map on Friday evening. ,

This is the spring. Families who want to move over the summer are getting ready to sell. People are getting married and need a new place big enough to have their first argument and be able to go to separate rooms. Nothing like fighting in a studio. Hook up a webcam and call it Newlyweds: The Steel Cage match. I mean how long can someone lock themselves in the only bathroom? Eventually the other person has to go and round two begins….. I hope they live in steel and concrete.

I used to live in a house with the next house about two driveway widths away. It was a three family or triple decker as it was called in central Massachusetts. The old married couple who lived on the third floor would get to fighting almost every night. Thankfully they had no central air. With those widows open, it was as good as being there….I feel like I am describing radio to the webcam generation.

Telling Stat: 376 total available Hoboken Condos For Sale The Hoboken Spring Market

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