Wiggle Your Nose.

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Part of the really great thing about being a realtor is the anthropological studies that can be done on the microcosm called RENTERS. Recently, I had a hilarious look into the microscope. I was showing a client condos for sale. Most were occupied by owners and kept clean. (even that one at the sky club that smelled like baked on Marlboros)

Then we hit the short sale with a tenant. I wonder if the tenant even knows that the landlord probabaly isn’t paying the mortgage? Bad enough its a short sale with a tenant, but it is a mess. Freakin disaster. (And they say guys are messier….hello.) So we are walking out the door and gossiping about the mess….Bam around the corner walks the tenant…Now I wanted to burst out laughing that we’d just got busted…but the tenant says…”I thought you weren’t coming until 7 and I was coming home to clean.” In many circumstances, I would feel really stupid, but it was past 7 when we were leaving…. I guess this tenant has The Bewitched powers to wiggle her nose and the room cleans itself in 30 seconds….

If she only had time to wiggle her nose on her way out the door that morning….LMAO.

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