Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes.

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It’s hard to believe that some sellers act like they don’t want to sell. They hurt themselves over smallest things. And they wonder why in a market where buyers have an abundance of choice, their property does not sell.
Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes

10) Take your pet. Whether Fido is a good dog or not. Take him with you. Buyer’s get distracted. Buyers are allergic. Buyers don’t like pets. Whatever the reason. Don’t crate him. Board him.

9) Remove the pet smell. Maybe you don’t notice. but the buyer will. clean up. change the litter box. spray. It should not smell like pet.

8) Remove the cooking smell. Don’t cook an “aromatic” meal 15 minutes before a showing. It remains in the air.

7) Clean and Declutter. There are a million shows on staging. At the heart of staging is cleaning and declutter. The home should be ready for the Queen of England to visit. Just get used to it.

6) Be Flexible On Times. Give an hour window. Smaller windows mean fewer showings.

5) Leave. Never be home for a showing and if it simply can’t be avoided, step out and wait down stairs. If you open your mouth you will cost yourself money.

4) Keep the blinds open. Buyers are going to open them anyway.

3) Do Not Ask Buyers To Remove Shoes. If you have a white Persian rug, think about putting it in storage. If it’s raining and your worried about cleaning the hardwood floors, get a mop.

2) Lack of Temperature. If it’s hot out, keep the AC on 66. If it’s cold out, keep it on 76. Over compensate. Make it “feel good”.

1) Lights… Camera…. Action. Leave Every Light on. It should be surface of the sun bright. If you want action, you need lights.

There they are. Some are common sense and some are dollars and cents. Use the common kind, don’t skimp on the money kind.

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