This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 4-12

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 4-12

Eight Days A Week Is NotEnough To Show I Care….

These long weekends. I know some of you had to work. But it is Hoboken and Columbus was Italian. …I wonder if everyone in Columbus Ohio got the day off???

A new format for This Week In Hoboken Real Estate Reports. I am going to give everyone the highlights here but as to not bore the rest of you, anyone who wants the free breakdowns can sign up to get the weekly reports emailed directly to them. I am sure I will be killing the traffic to my site…so tell a friend to read me.

This week is not a surprise to anyone reading my Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report. The market is slowing. Only 10 under contract in the long week. Active Hoboken condos have grown by about 30 in a week’s time. 45 price changes signal that seller’s see the Holidays coming followed by old man riv…winter.

The Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available.


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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 4 -12

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