This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 12-18 or The 3 Questions Every Seller Should Be Asking

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 12-18 or The 3 Questions Every Seller Should Be Asking

It’s crunch time. (or Go time if you listen to all of those JETS commercials trying to convince you that they are superbowl worthy)…. OK sellers… It’s Go time. Not lowering your price? Here are the 3 questions that you need to ask yourself.

1) If you home doesn’t sell in the next four weeks, are you willing to wait until May to move?

2) If the answer to question 1 was yes…. Do you think that buyers will have more or less purchasing power in April? (i.e. is it likely that interest rates will go down, thereby increasing a buyer’s purchasing power…or up)

3) If you are upgrading your home from this sale, is it better to lower you price now, lock in a great rate and get a great deal on a bigger home or wait to get a little more in the spring and take great risk. Have a happy holiday or a stressful one…..

A new format for This Week In Hoboken Real Estate Reports. I am going to give everyone the highlights here but as to not bore the rest of you, anyone who wants the free breakdowns can sign up to get the weekly reports emailed directly to them. I am sure I will be killing the traffic to my site…so tell a friend to read me.

This week is not a surprise to anyone reading my Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report. The market is slowing. Another week with only 10 contracts. Active Hoboken condos have grown by about 30 in a week’s time….Almost and identically blah week to last week except that price changes dropped to about 25 from 45… al ot of those were from developers. What do they know that the average seller doesn’t? Perhaps individual sellers are digging in their heels, hoping for a better spring?

The Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available.


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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Oct 12-18

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