The Weather Outside is Frightful.

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Despite the glowing reviews of Hoboken411 the Tax revolt rally was a bust. By my estimates there were about three hundred people at the rally. I’m no expert when estimating crowds but it was cold and I had time to kill so I basically counted them.

Ok. So three hundred people give a damn enough about getting it in the shorts by city hall to actually show up. Good thing more people didn’t come though. Talk about mismanagement that would make it hall proud.

Imagine a person with a megaphone (I’m not making this up.) giving a speech that would cut in and out as the various orators addressed the crowd on the left and then on the right alternately. No one is going to accuse these groups of being political. They had all the organization of a Hillary Clinton caucus effort.

Then I guess the proceeding moved in side. Not about to waste my time having a bunch of powerless people yell at the mayor and city council. Maybe it makes them feel good but accomplishes nothing….

One more time. Real change comes with a rallying candidate. A candidate or slate of candidates from outside the political machines. A candidate who can rally several thousand for a MARCH ON CITY HALL. Shut down Washington Street for an hour with a speech that has chants. “CLEAN UP CITY HALL”. or “What Do We Want? LOWER TAXES! When Do We Want It? NOW!”

Lots of people have to be motivated and unified to beat the machine…..

Meanwhile my mortgage company will be sending my taxes in per usual.

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