The Holiday Season In Hoboken Real Estate

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The Holiday Season In Hoboken Real Estate

Well winter is officially upon us. Forget about black Friday, Kris Kringle, New Year’s Eve…the real winter in Hoboken’s real estate market kicked off this week with residents leaving town like those aliens in the Men In Black movie.

I think I just saw a tumbleweed blowing down Madison Street.

Seller’s would rather stack gifts up in the closet, spare bedroom, corner of the living room, and shower then have their home show ready for an appointment that may never materialize. (If you think I am exaggerating about the shower thing. that’s where I store them. We have a second shower and it makes great storage until we have those pesky visitors that expect to bathe once a day. Mom. Get a hotel.

Buyer’s would rather parade down the streets of New York swigging beers and dressed as Santa than look at property on a weekend. I am off to SantaCon 2010….

The good news…buyers can find motivated sellers who are happy to shed a property before the year end. Once Dick Clark makes his annual appearance, sellers will retrench.

Hoboken Real Estate This Week: Nov 18-29

A 12 day week. The turkey has put me in a coma. The market must have had too much turkey too.

I think many sellers are coming to the party a day late and a dollar short. Everyone is getting into the price reduction game hoping to cash in before they take their place off the market the first week of December and relist in January. Under contract condos are still slow and steady at 12 for the last 12 days. Current solds through today: 32 for the month.

In Hoboken Real Estate Reports. I am going to give everyone the highlights here but as to not bore the rest of you, anyone who wants the free breakdowns can sign up to get the weekly reports emailed directly to them. I am sure I will be killing the traffic to my site…so tell a friend to read me.

This week is not a surprise to anyone reading my Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report and Hoboken Real Estate Report October Update The market is slowing. Another week with only 11 contracts. Active Hoboken condos has dropped to under 415. That is low.

The Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available.


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Hoboken Real Estate This Week Nov 18-29

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