The Hoboken Dress Code

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The Hoboken Dress Code:
Hey we all know Hoboken is a little different. A little more casual, a little hip, a little Gen Y. I get it. You get it. Hoboken Real Estate is not however Berkeley in the 80s, Haight Ashbury of the 60s. Though this “Age Of Aquarius” seems to have permeated the minds of some real estate agents.

For example, I’m holding an open house for two condos in Hoboken this past weekend. One over $500k and one almost a million dollars. Realtors sometimes accompany their clients to these open houses and last weekend was no different. Can you believe that three of the six realtors who arrived were letting the sun shine in with jeans on. Wow…. That’s what half of you are thinking… You’re also thinking… How can I get into real estate?? You get to wear jeans and sell expensive homes. That’s so for me.

The other half is thinking Wow… Is he making this up? A realtor selling high end Hoboken Condos shows up with jeans on.

Think about it. If you were to buy a $30,000 car, you’d walk into a dealership and meet a salesman in a suit. It’s entirely possible that you do not have work clothes on because you are not working. BUT…BUT the guy with the knowledge is in a suit.

Does it show you respect? YES.
Does it show they appreciate your business? YES. I know a lot of realtors have business cards with a phrase on the back that says they appreciate your business. Which says more about the agent?
Does it show they are a professional and treat their business like a business? YES.

So here comes your “Hoboken Real Estate Agent”…male/female whatever. Jeans and a sweater. One prominent realtor tells me it’s because he is “going out” after work and doesn’t want to be dressed up and shouldn’t be expected to be dressed up “outside of business hours”. As Dave Barry always says…”I can’t make this up”. So Mr. Realtor thinks that this is outside of business hours. Says it all when your realtor thinks it when he is with you that he is working “overtime”. You Mr. & Mrs. Buyer are a hassle and inconvenience.

Granted, Hoboken is not a suit and tie town. A realtor in a suit and tie might be a little out of place. I think given the option of jeans or a tie, I’d opt for the tie. If it’s jeans today, what’s next? Shorts and flip flops. Wonder if a surf board comes with my million dollar home…

Money talks, it don’t dance and it don’t walk….. my five year old has a dress code, why can’t Hoboken Real Estate agents?


  1. Brian Steele says:

    I strongly disagree with the sentiment expressed by my 'dress-to-impress' colleague. Yes, we Realtors-in-Jeans are very comfortable. And for good reason.

    Keep in mind that our current economic mess was caused by Wall St executives in tailored suits, looking out for their own best interests while screwing their clients. Bernie Madoff, while wearing a smile and well pressed trousers, swindled his clients of millions. Corrupt Mortgage Brokers in woolen slacks.. well, you know the story. And, you say, even car salesmen wear suits – well, of course they do….
    'Respecting their clients', you say – I don't think so.

    My advice to consumers- be very wary of men in fancy pants.

    Maybe some day I'll feel comfortable wearing trousers, but, for now, I'm keeping my jeans on.

    And so, on this day, I remind my well dressed colleague of Martin Luther King's dream that "One day, we will live in a nation where all men will be judged, not by the style of their pants, but by the content of their character."

    Apparently we have a long way to go -:).
    Brian S.

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