Single Family Home Ostrich

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If condo sellers are complaining, they should look at their green grass and laugh at the dirt patch of single family sellers. I guess these SF sellers don’t have to move or don’t want to move. Look at the numbers. Twenty four single family homes for sale ranging from a 2 bed/1 bath on Willow Terrace for $450k to a couple of 4 bedroom brownstones on Garden for $2,350,000….. A wide variety. A lucky three others have contracts on them. That’s three in 2009!!! That’s less than one a month. Even better. ZERO SOLD. A quick calculation….36 months worth of SF inventory. Is this Florida? Las Vegas? Michigan? For all purposes….YES (without the Beaches, Casinos, and winningest college football team of all time respectively).

Buyers set the market. Who sets the market? BUYERS…..If you said sellers, get your head out of the sand.

Hoboken Real Estate
One Family Homes
Total Available: 24
Under Contract: 3
Sold in 2009: Zero
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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