Protest? Yes, Another Protest.

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Seems that Hoboken Revolt is at it again. This time with a city hall protest calling for our mayor to resign.

I am not for it or against it. Judging from the online response it seems like it could be a large crowd. Then again, there were a lot of people who screamed about the tax increase but only a couple of hundred showed up at the rally(see my December 19,2008 post) …leads me to wonder why people could be more interested in corruption that led one man to get rich versus corruption that led all of us to go poor.

What’s next? a reval that levels the taxes? An examination why so many public officials own condos with city views at Maxwell Place? Check ’em out at (I wonder if Governor Corzine won the lottery to get the best unit there?) We could hold a protest everyday if we wanted. Maybe it should be a political appointment? Official in charge of corruption rallies.

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