Paul Revere And The Hoboken Tax Appeal

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Paul Revere And The Hoboken Tax Appeal

The Good News: This is the last day of this week that I will be talking about reducing your property taxes.

The Bad News: I am still talking about tax appeals because not everyone is on board.

I feel like Paul Revere. Being a Boston man myself, I grew up on the One if by land and two if by sea thing, the freedom trail, the old north church, and The Boston Tea Party. (not to be confused with The Boston Beer Party occurring in the wee hours of October 18th, 2004 after Dave Roberts stole second base and changed a nation forever.) The BTP was more of a protest about the taxation without representation. Most Hoboken condo owners can relate to that. Taxes go up on the condos, old Hoboken chuckles at the “interlopers” paying full freight.

So here I am riding my virtual horse….”The tax appeal is coming, the tax appeal is coming”.

I know there is about a foot of snow outside but April 1st is around the corner. You’re going to look up and bam it will have passed you by. No one to blame but yourself. Look at the chart. Property values have gone down. What about your taxes???

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Hoboken Property tax records

Hoboken Tax Appeal Forms

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Paul Revere And The Hoboken Tax Appeal

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