Parking Meter Problems

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Write this number down. Get a pen….Ready. 201-653-1919. It’s the Hoboken Parking Authority. A meter maid gave it to me. I’ll call her Rita. I was parking today and like almost always the meter ate some of my quarters. how frustrating. You have only 8 quarters. You put them in and only 5 register. You’re stuck! Well Rita was passing by at the time and I explained my predicament. Rita gave me the number, the parking meter number and the address. I called it in and…
The HPA attendant on the other end was indignant that I had the number, that Rita gave it to me, that Rita didn’t fill out a report and…then she told me to move the car or I might get a ticket anyway. Are you kidding me? So put the number in your cell and dial away when this happens to you.

Oh, lovely Rita meter maid, Where would I be without you?Give us a wink and make me think of you.

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