Metrostop Retail | Hoboken

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I heard it straight from the developer’s mouth….big things happening near the 9th street lightrail.

1) Metrostop will finally be getting some retail business. The long awaited restaurant which has turned into a defacto skate park finally has a tenant. Anticipated opening in Fall 2010.

2) Metrostop will have a 7-11 type grocery too. As a neigborhood resident, I hope they have Slushies! Anticpated opening Summer 2010. Slushies are great in hot weather.

3) The word on the street is the lot at the corner of 8th and Monroe has been bought by the Barry’s. Maybe after they finish building the restof the northern waterfront they’ll get to us in the back.

4) Another big developer has bought the parcel on 9th and Monroe from Tarragon.

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