Lost In The Flood In Hoboken

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Flood Insurance. It’s for people in Iowa, Missouri and other lazy summer places near Mark Twain’s Mississippi River. Seems like every few summers the tv is showing footage of these bucolic places covered upto the top a stop sign in water…. Good thing they have flood insurance. I always wondered what company is dumb enough to cover them? The answer…our federal government. EXCEPT the government who gave us health care and financial reform has temporarily stopped selling flood insurance.

No big deal, Hoboken isn’t near The Mississippi. EXCEPT Hoboken is in a flood plain. What this means to you. If your condo association doesn’t have enough flood insurance, no big deal you can just buy more for the condo that you’re about to buy. EXCEPT you can’t. The store isn’t just closed. There is no store.

As the Soup Nazi would say…No Condo For You!

Better call your congressman. They care…If they are buying a house in a Flood plain.

Sticker smiles sweet as Gunner breathes deep, his ankles caked in mud
And I said, “Hey, gunner man, that’s quck sand, that’s quicksand, that ain’t mud
Have you thrown your senses to the war, or did you lose them in the flood?”

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