It’s All In Your Head.

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It May Be Time to Think About Buying a House according to the New York Times.

Buying in today’s market is about a mind set. If you are holding for the short term (3 years or less)it is a gamble as to whether the market goes up or goes down. The fact is people are usually in a place for more time than planned. This goes for furniture too. Don’t buy junk thinking you’ll only have that couch or chair for a couple of years. You look around one day and that ratty old couch with the mustard stains on the arm has been with you a decade.Buy something a little nicer, you won’t be sorry.

Here’s the mind set of you get with owning.
1. Permanence. A feeling on putting down roots.
2. Pride in ownership.
3. Caring for the place you live and treating it like your own and not some motel room.
4. Neighbors, fellow owners who care the building and have a vested interest.

Hey. It’s called the American dream for a reason. . The lunatic is in my head. ….There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

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