Holy Storage Space, Batman!

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Growing up, Dave Barry was a favorite of mine. I couldn’t wait to read his weekly syndicated humor column. I especially liked his “I’m not making this up” articles. So here’s to you Dave…

I’m sitting at an open house on a day of freezing wind and driven rain. A lot of time on my hands. I don’t usually get past the Hoboken Reporter’s articles on the fighting and sheer ineptitude of Sir Roberts and his Merry Court but today I was rewarded for my persistence….

In the Police Beat section. (For the New York readers or the LA readers, NO…this is not what I was referring to regarding “you can’t make this up”, but a two-fer is always nice during the Holidays.) Seems a woman on 9th and Willow claims to have left $80,000 worth of comic books in a box in the unsecured completely accessible storage area off of the laundry room. Seems the storage area was a free for all (no locks, no gates, no nothing.)

Storage areas come in all sizes and shapes. My recommendation: Don’t put anything in it that you can’t live without. Family Heirlooms. No. Jewelry. No. A box of comic books worth $80 or $80,000. No.

I can just see the scene now at the woman’s insurance company’s holiday party. Her claims processor telling this story to his colleagues. To quote said claims processor “She has a better chance of becoming mayor than getting paid on this one.”… Heck, she might be over qualified by the current standards.

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