Hoboken VS The People Of Hoboken

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Hoboken VS The People Of Hoboken

Back in my younger days, when I had a lot of free time on my hands there was a computer game that I sort of enjoyed. It was called SIM CITY. SIM CITY was a game where the player acted like an urban planner to build a town into a city. You’d get points and bonuses for doing a good job. There was a budget. See you’d build homes and if you wanted people to live in them you’d build parks, and you’d build fire stations, and police stations. It was this growing complex of serving a thriving metropolis and not going bankrupt. (Sort of like a Farmville on steroids.) The great thing about SIM CITY is when you messed up, you’d get to start over.

One can only wonder if The Hoboken City Council and Mayor are playing their own version of SIM CITY only with real consequences. As if trapped in a real life “War Games” Movie, we are faced with teaching THE SIM HOBOKEN operators that this is not a game. In the movie, a pre-Ferris Bueller, Matthew Broderick, has to teach the computer controlling our nuclear arsenal that it is not playing a game but that a launch has real catastrophic results and there are no winners. In real life, our elected leaders have seemingly turned on THE SIM HOBOKEN program with no practice. Here’s the latest example:


Let’s move the Hoboken municipal garage to a residential neighborhood, next to a youth center, and 120 feet from a grade school. In the SIM CITY game, this would cost you points and residents would move away ,the school would close and the youth center would close. Hey, no big deal, you could always start over. In real life, would be buyers hear the noise, smell the stench and see the street parking reduced to nil as city vehicles illegally park all over the place. (Drive by Willow between Newark and Observer during the day and see what I mean.) In real life, the school is stuck too. So the little ones sit in the classrooms with the smell of recycling garbage and diesel. How distracting can it be? And the youth center…Ahh the youth center….Let’s kick the community when it’s down…didn’t most of the families who use the youth center vote for Cammarano anyway?…….

Here’s the rub: If they can “temporarily” put the Hoboken Municipal Garage in a neighborhood with a school, a youth center and surrounded by residential apartments what can they put in your neighborhood? Is anyone safe if the City starts to run unchecked and against the wishes of its residents…. Maybe a sewerage treatment plant at the end of your block. Is your way of life safe in Hoboken?… Maybe a medical waste disposal site next to the school.

Our government is going to cry poverty and no where else to put the muni garage. Do you think it’s a lie? Why all of the hush hush about it? Is it because it is a lie? There were/are alternative sites but the administration did not want to pursue them because they have their own agenda. There are still a great many options but it should come as no surprise that some of the council is putting their own agenda ahead of the people they serve. SHOCKING. See if a swing voter doesn’t get a cushy city job after the vote. You heard it here and I will show you when it happens. SHOCKING. like conflicts of interest and no bids contracts. SHOCKING.

Why am I mad? Beyond my livelihood… My clients are facing uncertainty in the biggest investment many of them have, their home in Hoboken. It’s hard enough as a buyer or seller to deal with the ever shifting market forces, but when your own city is seemingly out to get you, enough is enough.

Let the council know you’d like them to be public servants instead of the public serving them. This is not a SIM game!

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Hoboken VS The People Of Hoboken

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