Hoboken Realtors: Misguided Ad Men

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Somewhere David Olgivy is turning over in his grave somewhere while searching for property in Hoboken. (Hey when your in a 3×7 “garden level studio” you’re always looking for more space.)

I know copywriters. I know good professional copywriters. I know ad people. I know good ad people. I know marketing people. I know good marketing people. And I know what skilled professionals are capable of. I also know when some realtor is using parlor tricks because they think some smoke and mirrors stunt is going to get people interested in their listing.

I could still be on tilt from the last two days….while dropping my three and five year old at a prestigious Hoboken public school. Day 1. both security guards not securitying but across the street smoking cigarettes like defiant teenagers. Day 2. Almost hit the crossing guard at the corner of 5th and Park as she is standing in the road having a smoke chatting with our local meter maid. This is not after hours but during prime drop off time.

So I am steamed. I am sure other security and crossing guards would be steamed to know that a few bad apples are giving them all a bad name.

So there’s Mr. Olgivy looking at some places.
Here’s one: blah blah blah…price available upon request. Is this some Crazy Eddie interent special “soooo good that we can’t mention the price out loud.” I may attract way too many buyers if everyone know the price.

Here’s another: The copy reads…”this condo has it all.” Except it is on the 5th floor and there is no elevator. … All but an elevator. Think buyers might be fooled into thinking that all means elevator too?

Yet another. “A rare find.” Two pictures , one is of the rooftops of Hoboken and a sliver of the Empire State Building. can’t wait to see that one.

Speaking of pictures. I am thinking that unless your toilet is made of gold, there really isn’t a reason to show a picture of it. Can see a buyer now….scanning through listings at www.hobokenhomefinder.com …. “Hey honey come here. Look at this one. It has a toilet…. Inside the apartment. And it’s white! “

The only caveat to the toilet pics being if your house looks like a toilet….ahhh but I bet its crappy inside.

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