Hoboken Parking: Extended Hours To Better Serve You

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Hoboken Parking: Extended Hours To Better Serve You

This town gets better by the day.  The always concienscious and considerate parking HPU is extending its hours to serve the community.  First a bank open 7 days a week and now the HPU protecting our streets from parking offendors until 2am.    It is apparent that the HPU is hearing the community loud and clear.  Just the other day I am in line at Stop and Shop and I overheard two guys complaining that meter maids seem to just disappear at 8:59pm.  How riduculous when  the meters run until 9pm.  There’s never any place to park after 9pm.   Now Lovely Rita will be on the beat until 2am and it’s only a matter of time that the meters will be extended until the new close.  Why shouldn’t those out of town clubbers feel the pain of running out and pumping quarters in every two hours like the business people.  Wait until they find out that they have to move the car every two hours regardless.


Hoboken's new parking meters








I am excited that the town has found a new revenue stream.  The tried and true of throwing up no parking signs and towing cars just isn’t ringing the cash register like before.  I can only hope the city decides to make real money and auction off PPLs. (Personal Parking Licences. ) It work for the Jets…um, I mean Giants.  Each year HPU can auction of the street parking spots.  All that extra coin can fund the anti-corruption and governmental mismanagment department.


Here’s the post on www.hobokennj.org

In response to resident requests for improved parking enforcement services during evening and late night hours, the Hoboken Parking Utility will commence a third shift to extend into the early hours of the morning, beginning in October. Enforcement during these hours will be focused on abuse of limited resident parking space via permit parking regulations on residential streets, as well as various safety concerns that impede emergency response vehicles from navigating narrow streets. The new extended schedule also allows the HPU to relieve the Hoboken Police Department from assuming the responsibility of parking enforcement during hours when enforcement by HPU was previously not scheduled.

“We regularly hear from residents who feel that illegal parking goes unchecked in the late hours, especially on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “This additional shift will focus on addressing those concerns.”

The Hoboken Parking Utility has traditionally enforced parking regulations Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. The new shift will improve evening enforcement and extend overall coverage through 2:00 am, including Friday and Saturday nights. Although HPU does not enforce parking regulations 24/7, it is important to note that these regulations are still in effect throughout the week and are regularly enforced by the Hoboken Police Department when HPU is not scheduled


  1. Ellyn Marsh says:

    this town is constantly trying to recoop the money that John Corea extorted a few years back. it’s a parking prison. what if someone comes into town on a saturday or sunday when you can’t get a permit? pay $30 in a garage? insanity. the city should have a resident parking garage. worst parking town. ever.

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