Hoboken Municipal Garage Patriots

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Hoboken Municipal Garage Patriots

Last week IHRE wrote about the City’s plan to put The Hoboken municipal garage in a residential neighborhood, next to a community center and across the street from a school. Understandably residents are upset at the attack on their home values and way of life. I attended the City Council meeting to check it out. (and since I live across the street from the proposed site, I am very concerned on a personal level.)

Here is my take away:

1) The council who are in favor of this are bad politicians:
At the beginning of the meeting, there was a vote to move this issue to the beginning of the meeting. Our elected officials decided to make the public wait over three hours to speak. So much for caring about the people….but maybe in a larger sense they do!… That’s three hours to showcase to the public what totally unqualified blowhards they are. In three short hours I am a much more educated voter.

2) The council and mayor will lie to your face.
Citing compromising ongoing negotiations, the council refuses to take the Jackson Street location of the table all while saying they are exploring all possible sites. No one was at the meeting for an alternative site. Do these people really think that a potential seller/lessor doesn’t know the public sentiment? More likely, the mayor and council hope we will go away.

It’s temporary. One citizen did some digging and found that the council was in negotiation to do a lease with option to purchase the Jackson Street site. Does that sound temporary?

3) We are a community!
In the short time since this ill conceived plan was announced, people form our community have banned together to say: enough. I can’t help but think of the movie The Patriot, with Mel Gibson. In the movie, Mel was a southern farmer in Revolutionary times. As the war approached, Mel preferred to sit it out and raise his family. (A lot like many of us. I’ve worked across the street from City Hall for near a decade. I’ve watched politicians fall short on promises, have major lapses in ethics, got to jail and mainly not get caught while they lined their own pockets at the expense of the town the purportedly serve. In short, I was Mel Gibson’s farmer.) Then the British bring the war to Mel, attack his home and his family. Mel gets mad and leads the militia which stops the British in their tracks and turns the tide of the war.

Council people Lenz, Cunningham, Bhalla, Marsh, and Mello have created hundreds of Mel Gibson like Patriots with their arrogance and clear display of not appreciating that they were elected by the people for the people. These Patriots all have their own militia. It’s their spouses, families, neighbors, parishioners and friends.

The Hoboken municipal garage is now but the first battle in the war. It’s a war on the future electability of five people who live amongst but no longer with the anonymity afforded people we trust. Mello, Bhalla, and Marsh get three more years of living off of the city before they can be stopped, while Cunningham has only one year. Plenty of time to really pay attention and fight them at every turn. Mr. Lenz is up for special election in the 4th ward. Wonder who is running against him and how we Patriots can get involved?

Learn more and get involved in the fight to stop the move to Jackson street.

For Those About To Rock We Salute You!

Hoboken Municipal Garage Patriots

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