Hoboken Dress Code: Revisited

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Hoboken Dress Code: Revisited
Due to the overwhelming negative response by my fellow realtors to last week’s post about jeans and what it says or doesn’t sat about the agent, I thought I’d explore the issue a little more….Hey it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Mind you I did not go out seeking public comment on the post but got a bunch of unsolicited thoughts ranging from “asinine” by the Hemingway of Hoboken to a story that explained that guys in suits should not be trusted (thus referencing suit wearing Bernie Madoff and all Wall Street types with their big bonuses made on the backs of hard working Americans everywhere).

The Wall Street thing brings up a good point. Would you invest your money with a guy/girl wearing jeans? Would you even open a bank account at a bank where everyone was dressed casually? Would you really?…. Really?

I pay for training to better my craft. Never have I been to a training seminar where any company, any system, any presenter has advocated wearing jeans. In fact it’s the opposite. They recommend that you are dressed up whenever you are in the office even not meeting clients. You never know when a client may pop by to say hi. Here you come in your beach wear….. Spicoli.

So next week is the self aggrandising awards dinner. Paid for by realtors to congratulate themselves on a job well done….And you get to put a little award on your business card too! Two things I am betting the house on. First, those reaching the highest levels of achievement are not cruising around Hoboken in jeans while with clients. Second, agents are not showing up at the awards ceremony in jeans. Let me get this straight. Your construction worker.. um..agent puts jeans on to go to work for you but “dresses up” to be with colleagues. Either they think other realtors are more important than the client or they themselves are more important than the client.

My five year old has a dress code. Will it make him a better student. Probably not. Will it put home in the right frame of mind to be successful You bet. Maybe we should have a Hoboken realtor dress code. Probably chase half the jeans wearers to a job at the Gap.

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