Hoboken Condos: A Dry Duplex

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Hoboken Condos: A Dry Duplex

Garden apartments in Hoboken have taken a beating this past week.  I have a neighbor who was still pumping out five days after Irene. It’s a good thing that the storm turned out to be a bust.  Tell that to my public adjuster who is too busy to make money in Hoboken. 


Dry basement in Hoboken

I don’t usually promote my listings in a such a straightforward way here on the blog but….it’s dry!  As Mel Allen used to say…”How about that”….I can just hear the This Week in Baseball theme playing in my head.

When buying a condo in Hoboken that has some or all of the living space below grade, consider location. Consider the configuration of the pumps.  I had one friend who had all the necessary pumps to stay dry but the system failed him.   Back up plans. Battery operated pumps. multiple electric lines.

Listing Price: 395000
Address: 622 Park Ave
City: Hoboken
State: NJ
ZIP: 07030
MLS # (if any): 110010189
Square Feet:
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Status: Available

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