Gobbling It Up.

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Sellers who think they determine the value of their home are turkeys. With a capital T. It makes me want to rip off a drumstick and beat the stuffing out of them when I hear…

I need $400K
I want $400k
I’m not selling for less than $400K

But what really chafes my sweet potatoes and gets my yams boiling is when a seller sets an offer price that’s “firm”. Yea. firm like my jellied cranberry sauce. yea firm like a pumpkin pie.

Please, please Mr. Seller do not treat me like I’ve just overdosed on corn and peas. I am not in a food coma. The Buyer dictates the price. All you can do is decide whether or not to sell.

Hoboken Real Estate
Number Available 526
Median DOM 74
Avg DOM 108
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