Crunch Time: This Week In Hoboken Real Estate

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: June 28-July5

Crunch Time: Sunscreen is out. The Grill is on high and the burgers are cooking. Summer is officially here. Hoboken has migrated south and east and north and west. If you’re here, you’re square. Buyers are going to be VanWinkling for the next two months….Sellers best bang the drums.

26 New Condos to The Hoboken Real Estate Market
26 Price Changes
11 Under Contract
24 Sold Hoboken Properties

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: if you click on the links in the speadsheet, it opens a page with more info about the property. If you want to see additional pictures, you must register. I didn’t make the system.

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This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: June 28-July 5

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