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Wow. I can’t crawl under a rock and avoid the Craigslist Killer. There I am Friday night watching the Red Sox-Yankees game. (Before I fell off my couch in jubilation during the 9th inning comeback.) I’m toggling over to some show about the Craigslist killer. The police admit this guy got caught because he was stupid. Imagine if he had a smidge of tech training (or watched The Wire.) He gets a burner cell phone (Stringer Bell would be proud) maybe an IP spoofer, a fake email address and uses an internet cafe across town. BAM its that simple and he’s a ghost.

And I get to thinking… Every For Sale By Owner should be watching this. Imagine Mr. or Mrs. Seller puts an ad online or in the paper. Craigslist Killer Guy (CKG) comes a calling. Probably chats them up. Sellers always say too much….”Oh my husband won’t be home at 5pm but I’ll be there.” CKG even gets to see cool pictures of your stuff. If you’ve got nice furniture, you probably have an ipod, video camera, a watch , jewelry etc. It’s like online shopping for CKG. In this economy, people are looking for a way to make a living. So the FSBOs put themselves at risk just to save money on a place they won’t be able to sell.

These are desperate times for some. Think I’m kidding, last week a guy dressed like a waiter with a yellow tie in Hoboken and walked off with people’s cash, twice in the same night.

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