Contractor Clowns

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In my extensive dealings with contractors I’ve found that they fall into one of three categories.
1) Inept Clown
2) Clown In Sheep’s clothing
3) Rockstar

The Inept Clown: So clueless that you can spot him a mile away. Inept Clown will usually have the lowest price but anyone with any experience dealing with Inept Clown knows it will cost you more, way more in the end.

Example: Last week I went onto Service Magic to get some quotes for a new HVAC system. Three Contractors called to schedule an appointment for an estimate. I work from home a lot in the mornings and was very flexible about time and day. Inept Clown scheduled for Thursday. On Friday he calls and says “We spoke a few days ago. I think we set up an appointment but I don’t remember when it was for.” ….Not making this up…. Is there a price that would make me choose him? never never never.

2) Clown In Sheep’s Clothing: On the surface CISC, appears like the elusive Rockstar. On time for the estimate, professional, knowledgeable. But as soon as you sign and give the first deposit, the camouflage start breaking off like foam padding on the Space Shuttle. Time frames get moved, he doesn’t show up at 8am but at 1pm. You know the song and dance….

3) Rockstar: There’s a reason this category is called Rockstar and not Guitar Hero. Every Clown can be a guitar hero in his own mind. A rockstar shows up. does what they say in the time frame they say and for the cost quoted. You have as much chance of meeting these contractors as becoming a rockstar. These guys are in high demand and will not ever do small jobs.

The best you can hope for is that you’re not the one cleaning up after the elephants when the Contractor Circus comes to town.

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