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These are good times in Hoboken Real Estate…. In keeping with the title of the blog…Here is an inside look. December Hoboken Condo numbers are down 50%. That’s half according to my engineering degree. ugh or ugly. Need not be a rocket scientist to figure the state of the economy, real estate, or anything else not related to space travel.

Now if I lived in Beijing and talked to the press about these facts, I might get a strongly worded memo from my Board of Realtors President, not so subtly suggesting that I drink the Kool Aid and keep a positive outlook. It’s possible that I might be sent to the re-education camp with those journalists who suggested that the Chinese female gymnasts still play with Barbies.

Hold on a minute, Brian. You did receive a strongly worded memo…

The problem lies in the fact that the Jersey Journal did an article on the Hoboken tax increase and how it affects the housing market. A couple of local realtors were quoted. The memo explains that the Board has a media expert who has taken public relations classes and seminars on how to deal with the media in a positive manner and if a realtor doesn’t have this expertise, better leave it to the experts. The memo goes on to explain that you can find a silver lining in everything. (Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?)

I know the realtors quoted in the “offending” article. They both have reputations as straight shooters. As a speaker, at a class that I attended (Not a public relations class), pontificated:
Don’t hand someone a sh*t sandwich… take away the bread and what are you left with?

Think a reader is going to buy some line about a 47% tax increase being good for the real estate market? Ok. Maybe…. Here goes my attempt….”Wow, that 47% tax increase sure is making for interesting times. The Vulture buyers, that were on the sidelines waiting for the other shoe to drop, have flown to the carcasses of rotting short sales from former Wall Streeters… I’m having my best year ever!”

…Maybe all of us realtors should keep our mouths shut and not take the free publicity of the press. I love spending what little money I have (now half according to the December numbers) on marketing. Keeps the economy churning. …Tune in tomorrow…The Secret Police may have shut me down by then.

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