A Rose By Any Other Name.

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Arthur’s Court, Robert’s Court, Court Street…….MetroHomes, MetroStop, The Metropolitan.

Sometimes a name is a good thing. Like for a big place…Hudson Tea, Maxwell Place… And Sometimes its just annoying when you have a four or eight unit building with a name..Le Triumphe come to mind. Blink once and you miss it. Here are my top five names for new construction.
1) Too Close To The Bars Condos
2) The Fire Station House
3) Public Housing Corner
4) Flood Zone Hi-Rise
5) Take A Cab To The PATH Commons

Now this may be a little snowy day humor but read the link below…


I can’t decide whether this would increase or decrease the saleability. Wonder what people who live here are called?

Hoboken Real Estate
Under Contract first 4 weeks of January: 34
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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